Want to build tactical muscles that bend, twist, and turn in a hurry? Do you have little or no access to workout equipment? Good news is you can forge functional strength with a few basic moves using your own body as resistance. No weights, machines or gym necessary.

Commercial fitness facilities share a few similarities: rows of blinking cardio equipment, countless machines, and (maybe) one squat rack. But elite tactical athletes don’t waste time doing resistance training on machines. No red-blooded cop or soldier would be caught dead on an elliptical trainer either.

You see, your body moves in a three-dimensional world. Training from a seated position (think leg extension machine) isolates muscles and encourages body imbalances. These unnatural movements predispose you to injury. But there’s a smarter way to get stronger using just your bodyweight.


The following workout is designed to train your whole body using six basic movements. Do 10 reps of each exercise. Move immediately to the next exercise. When you’ve done all six exercises, that’s one set. Rest 30 seconds and repeat for 4 total sets.

1. Horizontal Push
Example: Pushup

2. Horizontal Pull
Example: Suspended row

3. Vertical Push
Example: Inverted shoulder press

4. Vertical Pull
Example: Pullup

5. Knee dominant
Example: Squat

6. Hip Dominant
Example: Single-leg deadlift

In addition to building tactical muscle, you’ll strengthen tendons, fasciae, ligaments, plus strengthen your core.

But the coolest thing about this workout is its versatility. If you have access to a gym, simply swap out similar barbell or dumbbell moves. Suspension straps provide lots of variation too.

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Tactical Bodyweight Workouts is based on the teachings of tactical strength and conditioning coach, Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS.