Any knucklehead can make a workout hard.

But a super-tough training session isn’t necessarily a good one.

Your tactical strength and conditioning program must be science-based. In other words, it must follow the principles of progression and overload.

In this exclusive interview with Jason Dudley, former director of the NSCA’s Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program, you’ll learn:

  • Optimal workout length
  • Keys to reducing injuries
  • How to train smart and accomplish your mission

Coach Dudley talks about how some of his male tactical operators are doing 19 pullups while wearing a 40-pound vest. And the female operators are consistently performing seven pullups with a 40-pound vest!

To learn more, listen here:


If your job is to protect and serve others, take care of yourself first.

Follow a tactical bodyweight training system that will prepare you for the mental and physical demands of the job. Your life may depend on it one day.