Clayton “Monkey” Montgomery is a tactical gear expert who knows his stuff.

He’s serving and protecting our nation and hometowns in his own special way — through his past contributions as a DoD contractor working on America’s Army Game Project, computer game technology designed to provide the public with a virtual soldier experience.

Nowadays Montgomery is a sought-after tactical gear tester who wear-tests the latest tactical kit and pens super-detailed reviews over at his website, Mil-Spec Monkey.

But he’s probably most known for the “fun” non-regulation morale patches he designs for military and law enforcement professionals.

In this eye-opening Interrogation Interview, Montgomery reveals the 10 tactical gear items you MUST own.

Listen right now to learn:

  • Why you MUST train in your gear
  • How this one piece of kit makes you a head-butting monster
  • A common-sense trick to reduce gear-related injuries
  • The pocket-sized item that may save your life

If you carry a gun for a living, it's your duty to maintain elite physical fitness.

The most successful tactical pros apply proven systems and strategies to their physical training programs. It's time to train smarter not harder.

bundle_tbwJoseph Arangio, MS, CSCS, is a tactical strength and conditioning coach and author of Tactical Bodyweight Workouts.