You provide real service, you have real expertise, and you’re a damn good tactical professional.

But, admit it, you don’t really understand workout “periodization” and often feel like you’re reinventing the wheel, wasting time or doing workouts the hard way unnecessarily.

Truth is, if you’re working hard in the gym and not building tactical muscle, you’re wasting time AND money.

You see, law enforcement agencies are spending serious money on preventable injuries and disability.

eellsAccording to Thor Eells, Commander Colorado Springs Police department in Colorado Springs, Colorado, his department averaged one back surgery per year, costing an average of $300,000 in disability claims. Since implementing a formal tactical strength and conditioning program, his department hasn’t had a back injury in four years.

If you’re a law enforcement professional you won’t want to miss this strategy session with Commander Eells.

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He shares how to increase performance and decrease injury risk on the job using a structured tactical strength training and conditioning program; therefore, it can help lead to cost savings down the road.

Eells also reveals how to develop and implement a fitness culture across your whole department.

You need systems to ensure your workouts have the proper progression and overload. Not some randomized daily workout.

Learn how Tactical Bodyweight Workouts help reduce the chance of costly injury and transform you into an elite tactical athlete.