Today I have a very special guest. Destinee from the YouTube channel, Fate of Destinee.

She’s the girl next door who loves shooting guns as well as reviewing guns and gear… with a twist.

On her channel you will find not-so-run-of-the-mill gun and gear reviews from a female perspective. She’s also the managing editor for and a contributing author to

Now you may be thinking, what the heck does this have to do with tactical strength and conditioning?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Coach Joe, I already know this stuff…”

Actually this video isn’t for you.

It’s for the women in your life: wives, girlfriends, daughters, and granddaughters. Particularly the women you care about.

So grab your girls, pull up some chairs, and watch this 20-minute Interrogation Interview to learn the top 10 rules, for girls, for the gun range:

  • Why you must treat all firearms as loaded
  • What the movie Pulp Fiction teaches you about handgun safety
  • Trigger-guard tips
  • The best ear and eye protection for the range
  • Keys to keeping a focused mind
  • How to avoid the "chick lean"
  • The things you need to maintain optimal shooting performance
  • Simple tips to help with recoil management
  • Plus much more...

We’re using some fancy webcasting technology, which needs a little fine tuning because the audio and video aren’t quite synched. Just pretend your watching a poorly dubbed Kung Fu flick.

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