As a tactical strength and conditioning coach, many of the best training programs are built around the barbell squat.

Namely because the squat is a fantastic move to train your entire body in a short time. Depending on your workout goal, squats add strength and muscle to your legs.

Now, this is helpful if you’re kicking down doors for a living.

In fact, if you’re a real-life superhero, like a cop or soldier, powerful legs may save your life one day.

I don’t think there’s anything bad about having big, athletic legs. Except the fact that it’s hard to find a cool pair of jeans that actually fit.

Well, today I have the pleasure of speaking with Hunter Molzen, the co-founder of Barbell Apparel, a company that specializes in making cool-looking jeans for folks with athletic legs.

JOSEPH ARANGIO: What problem do Barbell Apparel jeans solve?

HUNTER MOLZEN: Anyone who pursues weight lifting and athletics will quickly notice just how large and powerful their legs and glutes become, and with that power often comes an increase in size.

Jeans just aren’t built for people with powerful legs. We wanted to make denim that would fit athletes, lifters, and active people comfortably, while still retaining a modern, fashionable fit.

These are jeans that not only look great, but fit amazingly, and allow you to move completely freely.

JA: Why, historically, have denim companies catered to hipsters and scoffed at dudes with a muscular lower body?

HM: I can’t say for certain why the more muscle-legged of us have been neglected. Most people can agree that the fashion industry tends to have a relatively rigid view of what the “ideal” body is, and that is slender and slim.

People who run, lift, and play hard don’t usually fit that archetype, and we shouldn’t have to. We work hard for our bodies, and we should be able to find clothes that help us feel proud about what we have accomplished.

JA: Do you think more folks will squat and deadlift knowing that they can still wear cool jeans?

HM: I think most of the guys (and girls) out there squatting and deadlifting are doing it because it’s something they love. That’s why the Barbell Team does it. It feels awesome to make your body work, to push your potential, and to see what you’re capable of. So when it comes to something like losing the ability to fit in normal jeans, we just shrug it off. We built this company so that you don’t have to choose between the two. Squat, deadlift, do what you love. And we will make clothes that fit you well.

JA: What makes your apparel different from the goofy oversized clothing marketed to bodybuilders?

HM: One of our top priorities in designing the denim line was to retain a modern, form-fitting cut that would accommodate larger legs. We designed our jeans from the ground up with different sizing in the thighs and glutes. This allows our customers to fit comfortably in a pair of jeans and buy their actual waist size. Nothing is worse than having to buy two or three sizes to big, just to fit your quads.

JA: How can Barbell Apparel avoid being stereotyped as “bodybuilder clothing”?

HM: We’re not exclusively marketing our product to the die-hard bodybuilder. Our mission is to create a solution for the well-muscled, the athletic type, and the physically active hobbyist.

Our jeans are designed to accommodate those with larger legs, thighs, and glutes. But they’ll still look great, fit well, and be comfortable on your generally active person.

JA: Where can folks pick up a pair of your jeans?

HM: You can get them at Barbell

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