IMPORTANT: Commission Schedule 1-999 sales = 40% | 1,000-4,999 sales = 60% | > 4,999 sales = 80%

Step 3: Product Launch Emails and Banners

affiliate_guideAs part of the evergreen launch for Tactical Bodyweight Workouts we are giving away awesome content.

We invested time and money creating super-cool videos for the tactical-minded folks in your audience.

These videos teach actual lessons that a tactical operator can use immediately to improve his life. Check them out if you haven't already.


5-Free Videos: “Secrets for Building Tactical Muscle.”
What Law Enforcement Professionals and Military Operators
MUST Know If You Want to Reduce Injury and Reach Your
Full Tactical Athletic Potential.


The videos are delivered, one per day, over a five-day period. On the fourth and fifth day, the reader has the opportunity to purchase the Tactical Bodyweight Workouts product.

Here is an overview of the sales funnel:

Opt-In -> Free Video #1 -> Free Video #2 -> Free Video #3 -> Free Video #4 -> Free Video #5 -> Sales Page

Here are the various opt-in forms we are testing. Your standard affiliate link will send traffic to one of these landing pages:optins_a_b_c

Along with the control group, which lives on the home page of the Tactical Workouts blog:


When to Email?


Email #1: Monday @ 0500 hours – “SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle”
Email #2: Tuesday @ 1800 hours – “Did You Miss This?”
Email #3: Thursday @ 0500 hours – “Article: 5 Tactical Muscle-Building Mistakes”

We ask all affiliates to mail these “copy-and-paste” emails out during the evergreen launch, as it will help you earn the biggest commission possible. In particular, pre-launch marketing TRIPLES conversions.

Be sure to put your ClickBank affiliate nickname where the XXXXX‘s are in this link:

...otherwise you will not be credited properly for any sales from your referrals.

Replace the [YOUR NAME] tag with whatever you usually use to sign with in your communications to your mailing list.

To make it even easier for you, we’ve included “copy-and-paste” email subject lines too. A good email subject line will improve the chance that your email actually gets opened.

To reach our goal of helping military operators and law enforcement professionals, please send all THREE emails. Sending all of the emails below will also skyrocket your earnings and impact.

Email #1: “SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle”
(Send on Monday @ 0500 hours)

NOTES: Mail this on Monday at 0500 hours. Next, mail the exact same email to the UNOPENS on your list 48 hours later using this SUBJECT LINE: "5 VIDEOS: Building Tactical Muscle" .

Finally, mail the remaining UNOPENS 96 hours later with the exact same email and this SUBJECT LINE: "Must-see TACTICAL Videos". I've included the exact same sequence and time of day that's been tested to get the best conversions.

SUBJECT: SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle (5 F REE Videos)

Want to learn what every military operator and law enforcement officer MUST know if you want to build tactical muscle and reduce injury?

My friend and tactical strength and conditioning expert, Joseph Arangio, is giving away 5 Free videos that reveal “SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle” <——- 5 Videos: How to Build Tactical Muscle

Not sure how long these cutting-edge tactical lessons will be available…

Lesson 1: TRAIN – Why it’s so important to train like you fight.

Lesson 2: GEAR – Why you must keep your kit light, tight, and compact to your body.

Lesson 3: FLEX – How OPTIMAL range-of-motion places your body in the best position to get the shot. Sure you can bench press 300 pounds; but are you tactically flexible?

Lesson 4: FIGHT – Learn the top tactical exercises to improve your hand-to-hand combat skills.

Lesson 5: PREPARE – How lack of THIS fundamental physical ability could lead to serious injury or death.

Hurry, get instant access for F REE here ==>

To your success,[[YOUR NAME]]

P.S. This is not your *typical* tactical fitness information. Instead, these video lessons reveal SECRETS for building tactical muscle, unveiling some really cool “under the radar” methods that I guarantee you haven’t seen or heard before. Get them F REE before the page comes down: <——- Instant Access

Email #2: “Did You Miss This?”
(Send on Tuesday @ 1800 hours)

SUBJECT: Did You Miss This? SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle

Just in case you somehow haven’t claimed your 5 F REE Videos: SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle, go ahead and grab them right now.

Did You Miss This? ==>

TONS of people have downloaded the cutting-edge video lessons already.

Why? Because Coach Joe reveals SECRETS for building tactical muscle.

Does that interest you, too?

Instant Access == >>

Make sure you grab your 100% F REE Videos before they’re history.

Talk soon,[[YOUR NAME]]

P.S. If you’re not at all interested in learning SECRETS for building tactical muscle, then this probably isn’t for you…

Instant Access == >>

Email #3: “Article: 5 Tactical Muscle-Building Mistakes”
(Send on Thursday @ 0500 hours)

SUBJECT: Article: 5 Tactical Muscle-Building Mistakes

Today I have a quick article from world-class tactical strength and conditioning coach, Joseph Arangio.



5 Tactical Muscle-Building Mistakes
By Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach

If you’re a military operator or law enforcement professional here are FIVE mistakes to avoid if you want to gain tactical muscle this year.

Here we go:

1. Not establishing a specific and measurable goal with a time limit.

Example of a Bad goal: “I want to do more pullups.”

A good goal: “I want to do 6 dead-hang pullups with a 40-pound weight vest by May 1,2014.” Now we’re talking.

2. Not incorporating workouts purely dedicated to gaining tactical MUSCLE and workouts purely dedicated to gaining tactical STRENGTH.

3. Program hopping. (Unless the program you’re following now isn’t getting you measureable results)

4. Going at it alone and without a support community or partner to hold you accountable, keep you focused, and provide immediate answers when you’re stuck.

5. “Winging” your workouts and not following an intelligently designed program that periodizes volume, intensity, and frequency.

Interested in gaining more tactical muscle in the next 90-days than most military operators and law enforcement professionals will gain this entire year?

If so, you should check this out right now:

5 F REE Videos: How to Build Tactical Muscle ==>>


Hope you enjoyed that.

To your success,



Affiliate Banners

If you’d like to add an image banner to your affiliate link, you can do so quite easily. Just choose which banner you’d like to use and enter the code as shown below the image into your webpage.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to put your Clickbank affiliate nickname where the xxxxxxx‘s are in the link. Otherwise you will not be credited properly for any sales from your referrals.

To use this image:


Copy and Paste this code:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”Tactical Workouts”></a>

To use this image:


Copy and Paste this code:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”336″ height=”280″ alt=”Tactical Workouts”></a>

To use this image:


Copy and Paste this code:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”728″ height=”90″ alt=”Tactical Workouts”></a>

Okay, now you should have everything you need to start promoting Tactical Workouts products to your audience.


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