Revolutionary Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Bodyweight-Training Blueprint to Help You Gain Strength, Boost Power, and Rebuild Your Body

World’s Greatest Military Operators and Law Enforcement Professionals Reveal the Secret Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Elite Tactical Athletes

TO: Military Operators, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Prepared Citizens Serious About Building Tactical Muscle

RE: Special Report by Joseph Arangio, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dear Tactical Athlete:

If you can keep an open mind, and if you would like to boost strength, improve endurance, increase power, and become a complete tactical athlete, then taking some time to read this groundbreaking report may prove to be the most efficient 15 minutes of your entire week, month or year.

The information I'll share right here and now could rebuild your body, as it has helped countless law enforcement officers and military operators. More importantly, what I’m about to reveal may save your life and the lives of others.

I’ll share the latest research on tactical strength and conditioning plus the real-life success stories of several world-class tactical experts.

So grab a pencil or pen to take notes, turn off your cell phone, find a quiet place, and do whatever else you need to give me your undivided attention. Because if you're as serious as I think you are about building tactical muscle, boosting power, and improving endurance then I promise it will be worth the time you invest over the next few minutes.

“Over twenty years ago I was in a place called Mogadishu, Somalia for this whole ‘Black Hawk Down’ deal.

Back in the day, pushups, situps and a two-mile run was the US Army’s way of measuring physical fitness. And we did that test because it was an Army requirement.

But the PT test we used for our team was more mission-specific. It included a weighted rope climb, dips, pullups, a shuttle run, a two-mile run, and a ruck run. These are the tactical bodyweight exercises that mimic the demands of a real mission.

I’ve never been in a gunfight and thought, ‘I should have done more bench presses.’

Nowadays, when I step on the range with a bunch of people that carry a gun for a living, I want them to have the functional physical fitness, combat mindset, and firearm skills to do their job.”

Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired)
Tactical trainer, SOF veteran, President of Viking Tactics

If you’re working hard in the gym and not building tactical muscle, you’re wasting time AND money.

You see, military and law enforcement agencies are spending serious money on preventable injuries and disability.

According to Thor Eells, Cmdr Colorado Springs Police department in Colorado, his department averaged one back surgery per year. Since implementing a formal tactical strength and conditioning program, his department hasn’t had a back injury in four years.

“Previously we were averaging $300,000 a year in workers' compensation claims. Since implementing a formal tactical strength and conditioning program, that’s been cut by about 80%.”


K. Thor Eells
Commander, Colorado Springs Police Department

And that's just ONE department. Even worse is the money spent on non-battle related injuries in the US Military. It’s frustrating. And avoidable.

Good news is that you can reduce preventable injuries and disability costs starting today.

As a tactical strength and conditioning coach, I knew I could help law enforcement officers and military professionals build tactical muscle, to complete the mission and come home safe to your families. But it turned out that wasn’t enough.

I made the big mistake of thinking that just my KNOWLEDGE about tactical strength and conditioning would help military operators and law enforcement professionals. And boy was I wrong!

I struggled and kept searching for the solution until one day I found it. Over time I perfected a step-by-step blueprint for building tactical muscle.

I’ve created a proven system to:

  • Drop bodyfat and build bulletproof muscle with 24 intense workouts and 100 bodyweight exercises. No gym required
  • Pack on tactical muscle with just SIX basic bodyweight-only moves
  • Save you years of wasted time and frustration
  • Reduce preventable injury
  • Complete every mission and win every battle

Plus much more…

And that’s what I’m going to share with you in this special report. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Don’t Envy Successful Tactical Athletes… Become One

I've teamed up with some of the world’s best tactical experts from SWAT, special operations forces, conventional military, and law enforcement. I've been a strength and conditioning coach since 1996 and have delivered over 100,000 workouts.

More and more law enforcement officers and military operators have been seeking me out and asking me to share my secrets for building tactical muscle. Frankly, I’m not sure I have any true “secrets,” but I do use some highly effective outside-the-box methods that produce incredibly effective results.

I use proven strategies for efficiently and effectively building tactical muscle.

Implementing these strategies will give you an unfair advantage in a life-or-death situation. You’ll build tactical strength, power, speed, and endurance. Bottom line, you’ll win.

With all the fitness gimmicks and gadgets out there it may be hard to believe that you can build tactical muscle.

It may be even harder to believe you can duplicate the success that I’ve helped my tactical athletes achieve. I don’t blame you for being skeptical.

It’s human nature to be…

Heck, I would be skeptical myself. And honestly I remember questioning these strategies before I used them personally and saw firsthand how they transformed my athletes into warriors.

I can tell you this… I didn't get lucky. It was through hard work, consistent application of what I learned, and the desire to be the best at what I do.

But if you’re willing to give me a chance, I may be the first tactical strength and conditioning coach to make a MEASURABLE difference in your success as a tactical athlete. And this success may transform your life too.

The truth is…

There’s Only ONE Reason Why The Top Tactical Athletes Are Any Different Than You…

Before you cast this off as a bunch of "lucky” success stories, or “too good to be true,” I want you to know that the best tactical athletes are no different than you. They don't have Einstein-like intelligence or any special talents.

The most successful tactical pros apply proven systems and strategies to their physical training programs. Simply put, they train smarter not harder.

What is unique about my tactical strength and conditioning system is that it not only helps military operators and law enforcement professionals reduce injury, build tactical muscle, and WIN in every situation…

*taking an objective without loss
*stopping a shooter
*coming home safely to your family

Not only that, but my tactical strength and conditioning system allows you to spend less than three hours per week on your workouts. Best of all you only need one piece of equipment: Your body. No barbells, kettlebells, or any other tools necessary.

I can teach you how to structure your tactical workouts so you maximize your training and avoid frustration.

I’ll give you the systems, process, and blueprint and you choose your level of ability… beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

You’ll have the freedom to set up your tactical workout to fit your chosen profession… SWAT, special operations forces, conventional military, law enforcement, or prepared civilian.

After all, isn’t serving and protecting our country and hometowns one of the big reasons you became a tactical professional?

Along with my team of battle-tested warrior experts, I’ll show you how to become an elite tactical athlete.

Before we go any further, let me be perfectly clear:

My Tactical Bodyweight Workouts System isn’t really for everyone.

I said any tactical professional could use Tactical Bodyweight Workouts to boost strength, power, agility, and endurance--but that's not entirely true. Let me explain.

Just because you are a law enforcement professional or military operator doesn't mean my system of boosting strength, increasing speed, and improving endurance is for you.

I can save you some valuable time right now and you can stop reading the rest of this special report if you are any of the following:

  • If you’re not willing to change…
  • If you would rather follow the herd and be like other overweight, out-of-shape police and military instead of implementing new and different strategies proven to produce real results…
  • If you have low self-esteem, lack confidence, and don’t believe you’ll ever be successful…
  • If you are a whiner or complainer.

If you are NOT any of the above and you are a hard-charging tactical professional who wants a reliable system to help you build a strong mind and body, then this is perfect for you.

Best Of All, I'm Willing To GUARANTEE My Tactical Bodyweight Workout System Will Generate Measurable Results
(As You'll Soon See)

Now let me shift gears and ask you a few questions:

Question #1: Do you currently follow a structured and progressive tactical strength and conditioning program? (Not randomized daily workouts.)

Question #2: Are you making consistent, MEASURABLE progress with your current tactical workouts?

Question #3: Do you want to become an elite tactical athlete – leaner, stronger, faster, with the confidence to win in any situation?

Question #4: How much longer do you want to procrastinate, put off your success, HOPING one day things will be better, one day you’ll become an elite tactical athlete?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting new results.

If you’re serious about becoming an elite tactical athlete, starting today, then let me show you…

How To Build More Tactical Muscle In 90 Days Than You Currently Are Building All Year!

With Half The Effort And Twice The Results, Using A Simple Tactical Bodyweight Workout System

Presumably you're reading this special report for one or more reasons. I think I’ve heard many of them already from other law enforcement professionals and military operators just like you.

Do ANY of the statements below apply to you:

  • I am frustrated with how hard I have to train to make any kind of progress. I feel like I'm training more than I should have to, or want to, only to see tactical professionals with a fraction of my skills building more muscle, losing more bodyfat, and getting fewer injuries than me. I wonder - shouldn't it be easier than this?
  • The "old" PT workout I've used successfully in the past just isn't working as well anymore.
  • I can see my strength actually declining. I wonder if I will be able to build tactical muscle someday. Sure I can run 5 miles, but it's still not translating into the kind of explosive power and agility I need to win every fight.
  • My current super-intense, timed workouts are destroying my wrists, shoulders, and back. Heck, if I don’t make a change soon I’ll be unable to exercise at all.
  • I hate the cheap "bait-n-switch" advertising gimmickry some of these “military fitness” programs use to essentially cheat and deliberately confuse me, and I desperately want to build tactical muscle using a simple system that I understand.
  • I'm frustrated with my frequent injuries, the "broken, not-broken" syndrome I've had to live with. One month my joints feel okay, the next month I'm in pain and struggling through my workouts. Living life in a constant state of injury is taking its toll on me, my family, and my future.
  • It feels like I'm running faster and faster on the "tactical fitness treadmill," yet still going nowhere. If it doesn't end soon, I could burn out completely.
  • I provide real service, I have real expertise, and I am a damn good tactical professional - but I admit I do NOT really understand workout "periodization" and I often feel like I'm reinventing the wheel, wasting time or doing workouts the hard way unnecessarily.

Well, if you agree with one or more (maybe all) of these statements, keep reading.

If you would like to know the secret bodyweight-only training system used by elite tactical athletes, it starts with this realization:

Being “Okay” At What You Do Is Unacceptable

I cannot be gentle about this, even though I know you won't like hearing it. This is the fundamental truth that can liberate you from spending hours in the gym and settling for “second-rate” results.

The idea that “Average is UNACCEPTABLE” can inspire you to rebuild your body and mind into that of an elite warrior.

Here it is:

Surviving in today’s violent world is not dependent on how much you know about the latest training methods, nor is it about having a fancy gym filled with the latest equipment.

The single factor that determines your survivability in a life-or-death situation, more so than any other, is how well you have prepared for the unexpected.

You may feel that it’s unfair or not the way it should be. You can fight it (and the results could be fatal). Or you can embrace it as an opportunity, and take the necessary steps to become an elite tactical athlete.

The unhappy fact is that all the training knowledge in the world won’t help you survive a life-or-death situation. You MUST default to the level of training you’ve mastered or you won’t perform perfectly when it counts. Even worse, you may end up dead.

You can’t afford to fail at the moment of truth.

  • You need systems that get you ready for the mental strain you will endure in boot camp or police academy.
  • You need systems to prepare your body for the hardships you will encounter while going through specialized training.
  • You need systems that give you the freedom to walk out your front door anytime and start working out. So you can eliminate the need to pack up and drive to the gym.
  • You need systems that allow you to train hard when you are deployed and have access to little or no equipment.
  • You need systems to ensure your workouts have the proper progression and overload. Not some randomized daily workout.
  • You need systems to reduce the chance that your workouts will cause injury.
  • You need systems to make an exercise harder or easier based on your level of ability.
  • You need systems to train your heart and lungs to prepare for the adrenaline dump that occurs during confrontation and combat.
  • And you need systems designed specifically for building tactical muscle…

Tactical Bodyweight Workout Systems


I’ve rarely seen the subject mentioned in seminars, courses, or fitness books for tactical professionals. But I can tell you, if you fail to implement proven systems, you can forget about becoming an elite tactical athlete. Without systems, you can expect mediocrity, plenty of injuries, and a tough road ahead for the rest of your life.

So what are systems?

Tactical bodyweight workout systems are simple, yet proven ways of preparing you for the fight. They are physical training methods you systematize, or use on an ongoing basis, to supercharge your training.


“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”


George S. Patton, Jr
General, US Army

Tactical Bodyweight Workout Systems Maximize Your Progress And Help Transform You Into An Elite Tactical Athlete

The secret is planned results or periodization. You see, systems produce predictable and consistent results. Not just occasionally. Every time. Every day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. Like clockwork.

You get reliable results when every activity works together, in your tactical strength and conditioning program, to produce the desired outcome.

Stubborn vs. Smart

Let's take two tactical athletes and compare them: “Officer Stubborn” and “Officer Smart.” Both men have been in law enforcement for the same amount of time. Both have military experience. And both have access to state-of-the-art training facilities. On the surface, these two tactical athletes look identical. But that’s not the case, not even close.

The first tactical athlete, Officer Stubborn, is pigeonholed into one style of physical training. His “strategy” is to RANDOMLY change his workout every single day, so he is “prepared for everything.” His objective is to complete every workout as hard and fast as possible, even if his form is sloppy and he’s hurting himself. In fact, when he gets injured during a workout, he considers it a “badge of honor.”

He has no systems. He just keeps blindly following the herd without any idea whatsoever which training method is working, which is wasting time, and which one is causing injury. Sure he’s in good shape; however, his body is broken from exercise-related injuries. You could say that his training program is doing more harm than good.

The second tactical athlete, Officer Smart, may have started out using the same mediocre training methods, but this tactical athlete quickly realized the importance of systems to fast-track success and reduce injury.

Almost automatically, Officer Smart’s systems manipulate his workout variables (sets, reps, order of exercise, etc.) and arrange them in specific patterns -- so he achieves his goals while reducing the chance of injury.

Year after year he makes consistent, measurable progress. As a result, his fellow officers followed his lead and achieved significant improvement in job performance as well as decrease in injury. Less injury means more money saved in workers’ compensation claims. Which is a win-win for everyone.

Guess what? This story about the two officers is true and took place in 2013.

Now I have three more questions for you:

1. Which officer do you think will be leaner, faster, stronger, and injury-free five years from today?

2. Which officer is following such an automated tactical strength and conditioning system, it could be used for his entire department?

3. Which officer would you rather follow yourself?


You might be wondering: “Coach Joe, how did you learn these systems that you guarantee will produce extraordinary success?”

That’s a great question. Actually I have been a strength and conditioning professional for over 17 years.

Unfortunately, for the first five years I made the same mistakes as a coach that I see many tactical athletes making today.

They either look at the latest “go-as-hard-as-you-can” fitness craze and copy the program, or, worse yet, they refuse to update their non-functional bodybuilding-style workouts (you know, chest on Monday, arms on Tuesday).

In both situations the person responsible for overseeing the strength and conditioning plan is someone who doesn’t understand the unique needs of the tactical athlete.

Or, they do the UNTHINKABLE! They let some fitness magazine create their tactical training program, believing their hyped-up promises to deliver “ripped abs” and “super-soldier biceps.” Since when do you place your life, and the lives of others, in the hands of a shirtless fitness model wearing camouflage pants? Sadly, 9 out of 10 times this method fails.


I knew there had to be something better out there and I found that something better in the world of tactical strength and conditioning. What I did was study the best sport scientists and coaches. I read the scientific journals and interviewed the top tactical experts. To date I’ve invested over $980,000 in my education.

I invested in everything I could find on the subject of tactical strength and conditioning. It didn't matter if I had to fly across the country or around the world, I did it and I relentlessly acquired every bit of tactical strength and conditioning knowledge I could get my hands on.

It's very rewarding… because today I get to help the men and women who selflessly defend our country and hometowns from the bad guys. I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do.

What I learned was astounding, and through trial-and-error and testing, I developed the best system ever created for tactical athletes. I call it Tactical Bodyweight Workouts.

I’ve developed effective ways to prepare for the demands of the military operator and law enforcement professional. The best part: You only use your own body weight for resistance. These systems produce consistent gains in strength, power, speed, and endurance. All of this while lowering the risk of injury.

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute, I’m not an athlete. I can’t do that.” Don’t worry. I can turn you into an elite tactical athlete faster then you imagined possible with my easy-to-follow, paint-by-numbers tactical bodyweight workout system.

And if you remember nothing else remember this: To protect and serve others, you MUST help yourself first. This may sound familiar but it’s a radically different philosophy that can make a profound difference in your life and the lives of others.

According to Dave Grossman, Lt. Col. US Army (retired) and author of On Combat, you are a sheepdog (good guy), protecting the sheep (our nation and hometowns) from the wolves (bad guys). How can you expect to defeat the wolves if you are not an elite tactical athlete?

Some folks in the military and law enforcement learn the latest physical training methods and think this knowledge is enough. I wish it were, but it’s not. These are the tactical professionals that will struggle, falter, and fail. I’ve seen it happen all too many times.

On the other hand, those who understand it’s your job requirement to be in peak physical condition focus on what’s important: positive mindset, portion-controlled nutrition, stress management, and getting quality sleep.

They focus on building tactical muscle. And tactical muscle is built with Tactical Bodyweight Workouts. Without tactical muscle you won’t pull yourself, plus 50 pounds of kit, over a 10-foot chain-link fence. Without tactical muscle you won’t be able to drag an injured buddy out of harm’s way. And without tactical muscle you may lose your life.

Keep in mind that none of this is theory or “ideas.” I have proven, beyond any doubt, that my strategies can clearly increase the success of any tactical athlete.

And there is plenty of research to back me up.

Here is Peer-Reviewed PROOF:

  1. Pope, R., Herbert, R., Kirwan, J. D., & Graham, B. J. (1999). Predicting Attrition in Basic Military Training. Military Medicine, 164(10), 710-714.
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What you probably don't know is that for a while now, my tactical friends and coaching clients have been encouraging me to reveal how I have mastered, with speed and accuracy, a system to transform military operators and law enforcement professionals into elite tactical athletes.

Well, that’s exactly what I did with my new Tactical Bodyweight Workouts system. With the help of the best combat-hardened tactical experts, I created a step-by-step blueprint for building rock-solid tactical muscle. I call these the...

7 Tactical Workout Strategies

  • STRATEGY #1: Proven Training System so you avoid the hit-or-miss process of designing your own workouts
  • STRATEGY #2: Easy Planning System to keep your training progressing smoothly so you can focus on winning your mission
  • STRATEGY #3: Bodyweight-Only Exercises to stimulate muscle growth and prevent boredom. No equipment necessary
  • STRATEGY #4: Body-Recomposition Tactics for dropping bodyfat and building tactical muscle
  • STRATEGY #5: Fast Recovery Methods to help you rebuild tired muscles, recharge your body, and manage stress
  • STRATEGY #6: Done-for-You Nutrition Blueprint revealing what to eat, and when you should eat, if you want lean tactical muscle
  • STRATEGY #7: Razor-Sharp Focus Techniques to mentally prepare you for your workouts–how to pace yourself, how hard to push, and when to pull back

The World’s Best Tactical-Training Experts Are Saying:

“Train yourself so thoroughly that even when you are terrified, you do what you have been trained to do.”


Dave Grossman
Lt. Col. US Army (retired)

“Tactical bodyweight training helps provide realistic combat conditioning.”


Stewart Smith, CSCS

“If you’ve neglected your training enough that you’re not able to effectively engage the enemy while stressed, you’ve essentially taken your own life.”


CPT Mike Inscho, CSCS
US Army


“Tactical workouts are about being able to accelerate, change direction, get up, get down, climb under, and jump over an obstacle.”


CPT Tony Soika
US Army


“A comprehensive training program involving strength and power training may help reduce the chance of injury.”


CPT Paul Henning, PhD
US Army


This is THE Tactical Bodyweight Workout System to Help You Rebuild Your Body and Become a Complete Tactical Athlete...

If you’re NEW to the concept of tactical strength and conditioning (or are following another workout program yet struggle to gain strength, boost power, and increase endurance), you'll be happy to know that there’s no equipment needed because you ONLY use your bodyweight for resistance.

Training Guide

The entire training program is 12 weeks long and contains 3 phases designed to build tactical muscle that has strength, stamina, and explosive power. Each 4-week cycle is specifically created to go hand-in-hand with the previous. Think of it as a house. You would never build a house without a strong foundation, right?

Plus each week you’ll train to improve the most common tactical movements you do on the job: Sprinting, Jumping, Dodging, Climbing and Surmounting, Vaulting, Balancing, Crawling, Throwing, and Falling. Because of these workouts, you’ll build the tactical muscle necessary to win every fight.

Exercise Library

Inside, you’ll find step-by-step pictures of over 100 bodyweight-only exercises. There are exercise progressions and regressions so you can make the moves harder or easier, based on your ability level.

But the best part is that you can do most of these movements with very little to ZERO equipment. Now you can crush your workouts anywhere.

Nutrition Blueprint

A lot of tactical athletes think that fat loss and muscle growth happens inside of the gym; however, your workouts are just one piece of the body-recomposition puzzle. Truth is, you build muscle and drop bodyfat at the chow table and while you’re sleeping. Unless you pay careful attention to your nutrition, then you‘ll have trouble recovering from your workouts.

Choose the nutrition blueprint that helps you achieve your main goal: fat loss or muscle gain. I’ve outlined everything you should be doing from dawn to dusk. There’s even done-for-you daily muscle-gaining or fat-loss meal schedules for you to follow based on if you train in the morning, noon, or at night…

Fast-Start Checklist

Read this FIRST and make sure you have checked off everything on the list. Do this BEFORE you start the program.

It’s very easy to get ahead of yourself, dive right in, and just start the program before you read all the components. I understand. I’ve been there.

But elite tactical athletes and other smart professionals use checklists to minimize human error. You should too.

No Time to Read? Now You Can Listen Anywhere When You Grab Your Copy of the Audiobook!

Tactical Bodyweight Workout Audios

Having access to a system that is PROVEN to work is always great, but having this kind of bodyweight-only strength and conditioning program in Audiobook Format is even better.

That's because you processes and learn new information in three different ways: seeing, hearing, and hands-on. With the Tactical Bodyweight Workout System Audios you can listen anytime, anyplace on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Now you can be more productive and transform your commute or chores into learning time.

Don't Forget to Claim Your All-Access Pass to Get Personal Coaching from the World's Best Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coaches..

50-Minute Coaching Call

Everyone who invests in the ELITE Edition will be invited to a private, closed-door, group coaching call with yours truly on the phone (and sometimes a surprise guest tactical expert). Listening to us on the coaching call, and other success-driven law enforcement professionals and military operators who are committed to building tactical muscle, will make it easier for you to stay focused and work hard.

Added Bonus: You’ll get a private email address to send me your goals, deadline to meet goals, and current tactical strength and conditioning plan – I’ll review everything and provide feedback during the call.

Normally I charge $297 for a 20-minute strategy session like this. But today it’s a full 50 minutes, plus the ENTIRE Tactical Bodyweight Workouts System, for only $97. This coaching call alone is worth the price of the entire package.

Experienced military operators and law enforcement professionals can use these Tactical Bodyweight Workouts to review the fundamentals and learn the latest strategies, tactics, and systems for reducing injury and building tactical muscle.

If You Need ONE More Incentive, I've Got an INCREDIBLE Bonus for You...

Interrogation Interview with
Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired)

Kyle Lamb retired as a Sergeant Major after 20-plus years in the US Army, 18 of them in the Special Forces. He’s been deployed to all parts of the world to fight bad guys including Iraq, Bosnia, and Somalia.

He fought in the Battle of Mogadishu, popularized by the film Black Hawk Down. SGM Lamb is a published author and the President of Viking Tactics, Inc.

In this exclusive interview, Lamb gives an in-depth look at the events of October 3 and 4, 1993 during the Black Hawk Down incident. This no-nonsense interrogation is packed with over 25 pages of battle-tested tactical strategies you can use to win your next fight.

At this point you're probably wondering...

What's the Investment for this Proven Tactical Bodyweight Workout System?

My tactical coaching clients invest $10,000 or more per year for direct access to me.

And even then, that’s for FOUR team coaching sessions each week. And they are required to travel to our world headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. And that’s only if they can get into one of my tactical strength and conditioning programs.

I am extremely selective about who I work with. I personally interview each potential coaching client to make sure it's a good fit. And not all applicants are accepted into one of these “elite” tactical coaching groups.

Short of beating out the competition to get hands-on coaching, investing in Tactical Bodyweight Workouts is the next best thing to working with me personally.

Weekend workshops sharing high-caliber tactical strength and conditioning information like this, that can rebuild your body and potentially save your life, routinely cost $1,000 (excluding hotel and travel expenses) -- but you don’t have to invest that much either.

At this point, it’s not about the money. It’s about leaving a legacy. It's about helping the warriors who have so selflessly dedicated their lives to protecting our country and hometowns from the bad guys. So I'm going to make this an absolute "no-brainer" decision for anyone who’s truly serious about building tactical muscle in record time. I’ve set the investment starting at an incredibly low payment of $297 $47.00, for the BASIC Edition.

Basic Premium Elite

Here's What To Do Now…

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. If you have any interest whatsoever in finally creating tactical muscle; or if you want to take your existing tactical strength and conditioning program to the next level, you can't afford to miss out on this “golden opportunity.”

I’ve put all the risk to deliver squarely on my shoulders with this:

If you have any hesitation whatsoever about investing less than $100 to create a better future for yourself, your fellow tactical professionals, the folks you protect, and your family then this simply is not for you.

Very respectfully speaking, if coming up with at least $297 $47.00 is out of reach then you may want to rethink your priorities.

Expense vs. Investment

Your cable bill is an expense (and television is a colossal waste of time). Skip it. That's $50 in monthly savings.

That gourmet coffee? Another expense. Save at least $30 per month and brew your morning coffee at home.

Going out for dinner every week? Yet another expense. Cut back to one night out monthly and prepare meals in your own kitchen. You'll save at least $150 per month.

Total monthly savings: $230.

Taking care of yourself is an INVESTMENT in your future. Tactical Bodyweight Workouts is worth every penny. It’s as simple as that.

Basic Premium Elite

Isn't it Time to Get Started?

Maybe you worry 'NOW' might not be a good time to invest in yourself and the people you protect and serve. Maybe you feel too busy, with no extra time to make use of all I can bring to you. Maybe you're worried that tough economic times will adversely affect your income, forcing you to "tighten your belt" and wait out the storm.

Well, the fact is that there has NEVER been a better time than NOW to build rock-solid tactical muscle... and the truth about successful tactical professionals is that there is NEVER "good timing." The top tactical athletes make "NOW" the right time.

Where will you be 12 months from now? Enjoying the benefits of your success and taking pride in all the lives you protect... or NOT?

You have a choice to become an elite tactical athlete. What will you do?

Train hard and stay safe,

Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author, Tactical Bodyweight Workouts

P.S. You can make costly mistakes, wandering down blind alleys, stubbing your toes, bloodying your nose to create your own tactical bodyweight training blueprint. Or you can invest in this one.  $297 $47 seems like a simple choice.

P.P.S. The GOOD NEWS is that many of these BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES save you time, make you more efficient, and make it SIMPLE to dominate at the moment of truth. And, when you are faced with a life-or-death situation, you will be much better equipped to win armed with these POWERFUL tactical strength and conditioning strategies.

P.P.P.S. Thomas Jefferson, third President of The United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, said, "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Another friend of mine says, “Procrastination is the language of losers.” He's right… nothing good has come about for those who stand around waiting for things to happen.

P.P.P.P.S. And enjoy this 90-second video lesson, courtesy of our YouTube channel, to help you do more pullups...

Okay, Enough Talk. It's Time to Take Action and Choose Your Package Now...

Basic Premium Elite

NOTE:Tactical Bodyweight Workouts is a series of manuals in PDF and audios. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download and view all the files onto your computer. The manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. All audios are .mp3, which is one of the most commonly used audio storage formats.

TYPICAL RESULTS: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The harsh truth is that most people never do anything with the products they purchase so, most of the time, their typical results are zero. You are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for your success. Work smarter to earn your results. Consult with your doctor before starting any training or nutrition program.

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