You must prepare for the unexpected. And this preparation begins with your tactical strength and conditioning program.

There’s a notion that thought precedes action. You have a great opportunity to make a choice, to exert as much control over your environment as possible.

There’s not a whole lot in your control every day; but you can control your strength and conditioning program.

Once you learn the best tactical bodyweight workout, you have to make a commitment to execute the plan.

The hardest thing is to “make” time. Time is notoriously inelastic. So you have to figure out when you can consistently perform your program.

When you perform your tactical workout you must exercise with a purpose.

Keep score of weights, rep counts, the details of the workout, maybe even how you felt. You can track your progress in a journal, a whiteboard, or on a spreadsheet.

Tell your friends that you've achieved a goal. You can even post results on social media.

Tracking progress is critical and it’s a lot of fun too. Particularly if you have training partners and you can compare your progress.

Celebrating wins will also give you that positive emotion to push yourself to go even further as you progress through your program.

It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back.