"How to Download 20-Minute Muscle and Share With Someone Who Wants to Build Muscle and Burn Fat In Just 20 INTENSE Minutes, 4 Times Per Week."

From Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
-Allentown, Pennsylvania USA

I'm glad you picked up your copy of 20-Minute Muscle.

It's a FREE 4-week training guide (16 total workouts) that you do with ONLY your own bodyweight.

Better still, your can do the entire session in under 20 minutes. There's even a built-in warmup.

If you're an ELITE athlete and need to make the workouts tougher, so you can burn more bodyfat and build muscle faster, simple add some external load. If you are a military operator or law enforcement professional, just do the workouts while wearing your body armor.

But before I get any further, there are THREE quick technical detail to get out of the way…

1. Download your entire program right now. You can download the entire package at once by right-clicking the download links at the bottom of this page and choosing “Save As” to save the files in a designated folder.

Once again, please download the entire system before closing this page. If you forget to download, and then you accidentally close this page, you will NOT be able to come back and download everything later.

2. You will need Adobe Reader to open and read the digital books and WinZip (the free version) to unzip the package. Both are usually installed on most computers from the factory.

3. Share with your friends and co-workers:



If you need personal assistance, contact our customer service support team by emailing info (@) tacticalworkouts (dot) com. Please allow up to 24 hours for personal replies to customer service emails.

Train hard and stay safe,


Joseph Arangio, MS, CSCS
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author, Tactical Bodyweight Workouts